About Pat

P1060444Yes, Paw Paw does exist. It is on an old Chicago – Galena stage line. We’ve only lived here since 2002 starting out in Chicago (west Rogers Park) in the early 70’s, then west to Glen Ellyn where husband Dan and I bought our first home and raised son and daughter, Natalie and Bill.

Having grown up in a rural area of upstate New York with a cacophony of animals and 4H activities, wild and natural places – and farm life – have always called me. Those interests morphed into many years of backpacking in Colorado, canoeing in Wisconsin and biking the Prairie Path as well as a long career in the landscaping field. I continue my passion for plants and beautiful outdoor spaces through my business and website Nearlywild.net.

I have two amazing and accomplished adult children that I am immensely proud of and visit regularly – Chicago and San Francisco. We share many family interests – good food, biking, outdoor activities and adventure. My goal with this blog is to share our experiences, keep us connected and, most of all, have fun.


And please feel free to contribute!



5 thoughts on “About Pat

  1. Dear Pat,
    I’m writing to ask your permission to use a photo that I think you took, posted on your blog, of your group’s trip to the Chicago City Hall roof garden. I’d like to use it for advocacy for green roofs in Cambridge MA. Wonderful photos on this blog!


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