Ella Who Disappeared

What do you do when your companion – yes, a CAT – just goes off and disappears one day?

Yes, CATS. They are – you know – expendable.


But I miss Ella.

She was our very first Critter at our country home. She just appeared one day in the barn, lonely, hungry, and very, very shy.


I had to coach her out from some dark corner. Eventually we became friends. A trip to the vet confirmed that she was a spayed female. Could she have been released by someone who no longer wanted to care for her? Yes, people do that. We never did find out her origin but we did get to know all her peculiarities as cats are wont to have.

She never liked using the new kitty door.


But the dog and the chickens thought it was swell.


Ella – Ella Fitzgerald – preferred the barn but loved to just “hang out” with me whenever I meandered the premises, weeded, or tended. She had an unusually thick coat of hair, a very soft purr along with a sweet, shy nature.


She would “meow” with no discernable sound.

Always predictable, whenever I walked out the back door, she would tag along with me as I did my chores. She never disappeared for days as Baseball, the male cat, sometime does.

Coyotes howl at night, fox prowl the fields, enormous farm implements crawl slowly over the crops.


I miss my companion and just wish I knew . . .


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